This paper describes a method to enable a portable virtual content experience. The system utilized in this method contains a backpack mounted tracking camera, a backpack mounted mobile computer and an augmented realty headset fitted to a helmet. Prior to the virtual experience the user of this system wears the backpack and the helmet. Once this procedure is completed, the user can start to experience the virtual experience. The backpack mounted camera tracks the movements of the user wearing helmet in space. Thereby this camera will track the orientation of the augmented reality headset relative to the backpack. The backpack mounted mobile computer, through the camera recorded footages generates the corresponding virtual imagery of the virtual vision the user would see through the augmented reality headset as he or she orients the headset. This tracking relative to the backpack will enable the user to experience the virtual content surrounding his or her field of view when both the user is stationary and when on the move. Thereby making the virtual content portable.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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