System and method for vehicle-to-Android (V2A) communication mode is disclosed. The system includes an Android smartphone with the real time operating system (RTOS) responsible specifically for V2A communication. The RTOS-enabled device is connected to the vehicle’s OBD-II port using a special cable, providing both vehicle data and power. The device reads data from the vehicle’s CAN-bus and from neighboring V2X messages received by the device’s WiFi module. The inference obtained is then securely broadcast to neighboring V2X systems. The information is sent to Android where it may be logged, analyzed, and displayed to the driver with insights about his/her driving patterns, fuel-economy, vehicle diagnostics, etc. The system may also notify other V2X systems in case of brake failure, etc. The system may be a critical component necessary for the widespread adoption of both semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles and enables “smart” autonomous communication capabilities in traditional vehicles at minimal cost.

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Creative Commons License
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