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The present invention relates to an oven system with an oven assisting program for guiding a user regarding a new and an advanced functions of the oven system. Such an oven system comprises of a control unit, a camera unit and user interface, wherein a control unit communicates electrically with a user interface and a camera unit. Moreover, the control unit comprises an oven assisting program. When the oven of the oven system is switched on, the control unit performs the oven assisting program which may show different cooking operation modes on a user interface. Simultaneously, the control unit drives the camera unit to record the images of the oven cavity. The oven assisting program is further configured to recognize a foodstuff placed in the oven cavity based on the prestored food images and the real-time images captured by the camera unit. The oven assisting program basically works on algorithms, analyzing set of information and are processed on a neural network. These algorithms are responsible to perform image classification, object detection and semantic segmentation of the images captured by the camera unit. Based on the analyzed results of the captured image, the oven assisting program presents recommended cooking settings based on the food type recognized and recommends appropriate cooking modes on its UI. Therefore, the oven assisting program guides the user to operate advanced cooking functions more conveniently via the user interface.

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Creative Commons License
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