This publication describes systems and techniques, implemented on computing devices, directed to improving self-portrait (i.e., selfie) images of a user captured on a front-facing camera using real-time feedback. The systems and techniques may track the user’s face and provide haptic, audio, and/or visual feedback to guide the user to position the computing device so that the user becomes positioned in a center of frame of the camera. In an aspect, a user interface may display visual indicators that flash over a viewfinder image of a camera displayed on a computing device display. The visual indicators may increase in brightness near a user’s face to guide a user to the center of the frame of the camera. In another aspect, the user interface may display a high-contrast outline of the user’s face and/or torso on the display to provide feedback to the user of their position in the frame. In another aspect, the user may receive an audio detail description of what is in the viewfinder to confirm desired faces and objects are included. Through such systems and techniques, a user can take a high-quality self-portrait even when they have limited or no ability to see a display screen.

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Creative Commons License
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