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The invention relates to a door handle assembly for a cooking appliance. The door handle assembly comprises a handlebar, two standoffs, and two ornamental medallions. The assembly parts may contain various alignment features for pre-fixation and self-locating mean on an interior or an exterior region of the assembly parts e.g., notches, protrusions, color differentiators, etc. The pre-fixation and the self-locating means on the assembly parts are designed to achieve correct orientation during the relative mating of these parts. Moreover, any incorrect orientation assembly of these assembly parts, the pre-fixation, and the self-locating means on the assembly parts may create an interference such as a visual gap between the mating parts thus making the user aware of an incorrect orientation or a misalignment. Therefore, the present invention provides the door handle assembly with the prefixation and the self-locating means enabling the correct orientation of the assembled parts, thereby reducing the time to build and ensuring an error-proof door handle assembly. The invention also reduces the number of assembly aids required to assemble the parts.

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Creative Commons License
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