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The invention relates to a variable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filter board for a kitchen appliance. The EMC filter board provides a circuit configuration with multiple connection options for forming variable filtering circuits. The variable filtering circuits, e.g., LC and RLC circuits, which can be formed by connecting multiple connection points. The variable EMC filter board can be assembled into the interior regions of a kitchen appliance and provides one of the variable filtering circuits via the selected multiple connection points for properly protecting electronic components of the kitchen appliance from unwanted electromagnetic noise. The proposed variable EMC filter board provides a standard solution allowing variable-circuit versions to overcome the EMC due to the coil placement in the appliance. It also allows the proper placement in the kitchen appliance and thus prevents unwanted routing of wired connections between the components of the kitchen appliance and the EMC filter board. In addition to the mentioned advantages, the proposed variable EMC filter board can be automatically assembled into a kitchen appliance with good access for the robot and has decent quality and a low cost of production by comparing with conventional EMC solutions.

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Creative Commons License
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