Calculator applications are available for most platforms, e.g., as a built-in feature of an operating system or as an add-on application. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. provide software keyboards that can be used for data entry with a touchscreen display. To use a calculator, a user needs to leave a current application includes data or context for a calculation, open the calculator application, and toggle between the two applications to perform a calculation. This is both inconvenient and prone to mistakes as the user loses the context of the original application when switching to the calculator application. Techniques described herein integrate calculator functionality in a software keyboard. Such integration eliminates the need for a user to leave the original application to perform a calculation. The user can enter a query to be calculated, and the corresponding result is displayed as part of the software keyboard user interface, e.g., above the keypad. Results for different types of calculations such as basic arithmetic, unit conversion, etc. are provided by the software keyboard.

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Creative Commons License
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