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With the advent of cloud hosting and micro services architecture, services are becoming more distributed and span across clouds, data centres, WANs/DMZs, etc., hence providing secure connectivity and policy enforcement across a wide variety of these domains is a challenge, especially when such services are dynamically instantiated and running remotely. In such deployments, protecting sensitive information is very crucial especially with the enterprise cloud deployments. Hence, we need a secure method to provide co-ordination among cloud applications and services to share the services/resources across the registered cloud entities in service chaining deployments. There are techniques which propose secure mechanism (e.g., IPSec/DTLS/GRE tunnels) to communicate between enterprise edge to the cloud instances and from one cloud entity to another but does not provide policy-based access as well as does not provide confidentiality (encrypted traffic) at the service level. The techniques presented herein propose method to provide secure end to end network deployment along with policy-based access control in service chaining deployments without compromising on security, which would also help in multi cloud, comprehensive, end-to-end network automation. The proposed method secures the end-to-end services in multi-cloud Service Chaining deployments using service-based encryption along with policy-based access to provide privacy using Hyperledger.

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Creative Commons License
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