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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a method where-in users are required to present more than one type of evidence to authenticate on a system. Although MFA is by far the best defence against most password-related attacks (brute-force, credential stuffing, password spraying etc.,), but it is having its own disadvantages. Hence, we need a method to overcome the disadvantages of MFA, by removing the dependencies on mobile (authenticator app, SMS, call) or any external device without compromising on security, removing single point of failure, having less costly/complex SSO. having decentralisation with distributed authentication architecture., having add on security with Access-control architecture and having more trustworthy system. The techniques presented herein is one such method to incorporate the above using Hyper Ledger. This method mitigates the availability issues of the 2FA and SSO by customising its functionality and distributing its data using permission blockchain (Hyper Ledger) technology over the network.

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Creative Commons License
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