Niranjan M MFollow


Rogue Access Points (RAPs) are unauthorised devices connected to a network, providing unauthorised wireless access to one or more clients. Rogue Access Points (RAPs) produce security vulnerabilities in networks by circumventing inherent security mechanisms. Detection of Rogue APs is a challenge for network administrator. There are techniques for detecting Rogue APs from the network with the help of neighbouring legitimate APs and facilitated by SDN Controller. Once Rogue APs are detected, the rogue information needs to be propagated across the APs and Controllers in the deployment, to take actions such as containment of Rogue APs and connected Rogue Clients, blocking legitimate clients from connecting to SSID broadcasted by those Rogue APs, to verify if client is roaming from legitimate APs etc., There are existing techniques to distribute rogue database across APs and SDN Controllers periodically or on detection, but none of the existing methods consider optimal and efficient way of sharing rogue information. The technique presented herein propose method to have distributed way of sharing rogue information considering network efficiency and performance.

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Creative Commons License
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