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In-situ Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (iOAM) records operational and telemetry information in the packet while the packet traverses a path between two points in the network. There are many use cases for OAM/iOAM which is used for fault detection, network telemetry, best path selection, NFV optimisation etc., But they are prone to different types of attacks (DoS, Eavesdropping, resource exhaustion etc.,). All the existing techniques provide security to iOAM protocol uses pre-shared key or uses asymmetric key encryption methods. Pre-shared keys are immune to cryptanalysis attacks, but require manual configuration, hence not scalable and error prone. Asymmetric key methods use PKI algorithms and are prone to cryptanalysis attacks. There are no methods to provide quantum resistant key exchange mechanism for iOAM protocol. The techniques presented herein is one such method to provide post quantum secure method to iOAM protocol for providing authenticity and confidentiality.

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