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The combination of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is challenging due to the different natures of both concepts. SDN describes networks with homogeneous, static and centralised controlled topologies. In contrast, a WMN is characterised by a dynamic and distributed network control, and adds new challenges with respect to time-critical operation. However, SDN and WMN are both associated with decreasing the operational costs for communication networks which is especially beneficial for internet provisioning in rural areas. Due to dynamic nature of the topology in SDWMN deployments, Mesh Router (MR) discovery is a challenge. The techniques presented herein propose method to de-centralise the MR discovery in SDWMN deployments without compromising on authentication and security aspects. Using this technique, adding, and removing of MR would be easy, secure, and automated, it also provides faster convergence of MR discovery.

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Creative Commons License
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