SDN deployments being large, finding faults in such large system is hard. Debugging in complex SDN deployments possess great challenges as the state of the system continuously changes due to the occurrence of the events, addition/deletion of application flows, network issues etc., Conventional logging method just logs all the generated messages locally and/or to the remote syslog and it is difficult to debug because of its volume. There are techniques which provides signed logging system, which just enhance authentication and trustworthiness of the logged messages but does not improve the traceability and troubleshooting any issue. The techniques presented herein, propose method to maintain meta provenance which includes events, application flows and state change of controllers and switches, in the form of Transaction in the Hyper Ledger of the private Blockchain so that it would improve traceability, debug-ability, accountability and troubleshooting in complex SDN deployments.

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Creative Commons License
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