To have seamless client handover/roaming across different radio access technologies and even across different vendors, PMIPv6 tunnelling protocol is used, for example, between Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) and Local Mobility Anchor (LMA) in 5G/LTE/Wi-Fi deployments. In other words, PMIPv6 is the standardised way of integrating trusted non-3GPP access networks with a standardised 3GPP Evolved Packet Core (EPC). PMIPv6 tunnel end points i.e., MAG and LMA need to know whether the peer device is trustworthy or not before establishing tunnel. If the MAG or LMA is compromised i.e., it is no longer a trusted entity, which could create harm to the network by allowing "malicious MAG to connect to the valid LMA" or "valid MAG connecting to malicious LMA". Currently PMIPv6 does not include any capabilities to exchange trust information between MAG and LMA to prove the peer was not tampered. The techniques presented herein define attestation method to PMIPv6 messages exchanged between MAG and LMA to provide Proof of Integrity for PMIPv6 tunnels.

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