Rogue Base Station (RBS) threat is one of the major threats faced by different access networks. Here, the attackers use RBS to masquerade (mimic) as a legitimate base station to facilitate a Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attack between the mobile User Equipment (UE) and the mobile network, to steal user information, tampering the transmitted information, tracking the users, compromising user privacy, introducing DoS on 5G services etc., The techniques herein propose method to enhance the RBS detection techniques and subsequently prevent and mitigate (containment of) the rogues by detaching the UE from the RBSs and subsequently avoid UEs from attaching to earlier identified RBSs. Also, share the RBS information with the other legitimate base stations which are connected to 5G core, so that they avoid UEs connecting to RBS. Further, update the UEs about the list of RBS in the vicinity, so that UEs refrain from attaching or roaming to such RBSs.

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Creative Commons License
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