Software-Defined Wireless Mesh Network (SDWMN) deployments are considered as a viable option to provide wireless coverage for a vast area, such as community-wide or city-wide. SDWMN is a combination of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Wireless Mesh Network (WMN). In other words, it consists of Centralised SDN Controller and Wireless Mesh Network. In SDWMN deployments, SDN Controller manages many (100s and 1000s) of the Mesh Routers (MRs). Upgrading the whole deployment is a challenge and time consuming. There are techniques which provide some sort of optimisation and hence to reduce service downtime. But none of the techniques provide efficient mechanism to upgrade the whole deployment in considerably less time. The techniques presented herein propose method to select group of slave MRs which are already upgraded as Master MRs to upgrade the remaining slave MRs. This method ensures that the load of pre-downloading the image to all the MRs get distributed and shared by all the MRs in the system rather than concentrating the load on the SDN Controller or on any MR thus eliminating the chance of having a single point of failure that can hamper the pre-download process.

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Creative Commons License
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