Object-Based Storage (OBS) has become the main type of storage system in the cloud. With applications moving to cloud-based services (viz., micro services architecture, Software as a Service [5G, SD-WAN], Security as a Service etc.,) and large cloud vendors having many data centres globally, where-in data can be stored across data centres belonging to different countries or states, hence it is challenging to provide data security and privacy. Also, with different laws for providing data protection and privacy we need to guarantee that PII data (it may be government departmental data, personal health records etc.,), is adhering to government laws. Additionally, there are use cases where customers might be using services belonging to different cloud service providers and hence their data also distributed across different cloud service providers. The techniques presented herein propose method to ensure that all PII data stored in the cloud using Object-Based Storage enforced with government data protection and privacy laws, by having de-centralised distribution of OBS policies across the cloud data centres and across different cloud service providers without compromising on GDPR.

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Creative Commons License
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