Software-Defined Wireless Mesh Network (SDWMN) deployments are considered as a viable option to provide wireless coverage for a vast area. SDWMN is combination of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Wireless Mesh Network (WMN). Backbone of a WMN is made up of dedicated wireless nodes called Mesh Routers (MRs). These MRs can be freely organised into any network topology and communicate with each other using protocols such as DSR, OLSR etc., to find optimised path and hence to achieve higher performance. However, potential isolated (disconnected) MRs are the major obstacles to achieve high performance. Due to dynamic nature of network topology and link or node failures, some MRs (known as island/stranded/isolated MRs) may fail to find available paths to the SDN Controller. One of the pain points commonly heard is debugging and recovering such stranded MR in WMN deployments. The techniques presented herein propose method to detect stranded MR, connecting to it through alternate secure path, diagnose and auto-recover. The proposed method intelligently locates, securely connect, and recover stranded MRs automatically without manual intervention.

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Creative Commons License
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