As the day progress we all see wireless adoption and usage is ever increasing. With the advent of Wi-Fi 6, required data rates has further increased. It poses huge challenge to network administrator to keep the overall wireless network data usage in the expected limits considering the back-haul bandwidth limitations. Also, the required data rate limits are very turbulent in each location at a given Access Point (AP) at a given point-in-time. This brings in the need for mechanisms which can fast converge for the data rate requirements of wireless subscribers. There are existing techniques which describe data rate-limiting methods to take care of backhaul bandwidth requirement. These techniques are slow, time consuming and hence there could be packet drops. These existing techniques will not be suitable in dynamic environment where large number of wireless clients joining or leaving at once, for example, company all-hands meetings, celebration, stadium deployments etc., The techniques presented herein propose method to enhance Wireless LAN (WLAN) data rate-limiting mechanism using the calendar details provided by the Mail Servers.

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Creative Commons License
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