Techniques are presented herein that support an optimized approach to deploying and re-deploying aerial edge nodes to dynamically meet fluctuating network needs, thus ensuring a better utilization and reuse of network resources. Aspects of the presented techniques include providing an Unmanned Aerial Edge Node (UA-EN) that may be managed by an Aerial Edge Orchestrator (AEO) in which the AEO can serve as a ‘single pane of glass’ for the deployment, management, and teardown of UA-ENs. The AEO may employ an automated workflow to provision UA-ENs, over a secure communication channel, to direct them, as needed, to congested locations. The AEO may also ensure the teardown and return, recharging, and reuse of UA-ENs through automated workflows and computations. UA-ENs themselves have the built-in intelligence to detect and avoid obstacles in real time (e.g., by overriding a provisioned flight path during flight), are able to establish mesh-based communication with enterprise wireless deployments, and may switch between satellite, Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and wireless backhauls.

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Creative Commons License
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