Rajesh I. V
Ram Mohan R


The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Authentication and Key Management for Applications (AKMA) mechanism leverages an operator’s authentication infrastructure to secure the communication between a User Equipment (UE) and an Application Function (AF). Techniques are presented herein that support establishing a grouping mechanism on top of the AKMA layer to efficiently group the applications and the AFs, using a limited set of keys, to simplify various use cases. The use of the techniques presented herein offers a number of optimizations and benefits, including when an AF needs to send a dynamic update to all the UEs that are managing specific applications, this can be efficiently done with a single group key; a UE need maintain only a single key to manage multiple applications from a same vendor; a grouping can be supported for a specific set of UEs, a specific region, or a specific time; etc.

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Creative Commons License
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