Eugene Khabarov


In a modern enterprise network, particularly in large-scale software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) overlays, there is a constant need to measure convergence, also known as route propagation time, to ensure that a network may react quickly to failures and steer traffic over alternative or backup paths in such a manner that business applications and users experience minimal disruption. To address such a need, techniques are presented herein that support a network-wide technique to automatically and granularly measure control plane convergence time across a SD-WAN fabric, without manual command-line interface (CLI) intervention on a router-by-router basis, and report the results using a “single pane of glass” (e.g., a management controller or a network management system (NMS)). Unlike other solutions, the presented techniques do not rely on probing of any kind in a data plane, thus obviating the consumption of additional bandwidth or router central processing unit (CPU) utilization (which would arise under the responses that are necessary to probes).

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Creative Commons License
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