Currently, the construction audit process is manual and as a result may yield inferior quality assurance data collection and report generation. Such an approach may lead to a construction project having poor quality. To address such challenges, techniques are presented herein that leverage satellites and their telemetry data. Aspects of the presented techniques support the remote auditing of construction quality and aid in completing the ‘detective work’ behind fraudulent construction claims (based on different construction parameters, the composition of the materials that are employed during construction, etc.). Further aspects of the presented techniques support estimating the ceiling life of a construction project; augmenting hyperspectral analysis with regular satellite imagery, thus creating a new view that helps to identify the composition of construction materials, the dimensions of a construction project, etc.; and the automatic generation of audit reports. Aspects of the presented techniques may be employed in a number of use cases including, for example, road quality determination, rooftop quality determination, public infrastructure (such as metro rail, etc.) quality determination, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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