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The present disclosure is directed to a framework using signals (e.g., ultra wideband) to enable accurate location-based activities (e.g., advertisements) based on a user’s location with relation to predetermined zones. For example, as a user moves from zone to zone with relation to the anchor device, the computing system can change the activity to reflect the user’s new zonal position (e.g., in real-time). In particular, a user can pass by a store with a display device containing an anchor device in the store window. As the user enters a first zone, the display device can display particular images of content. If a user moves closer to the anchor device, the display device can alter the displayed images of content to reflect the user moving closer or vice versa. For instance, the display device can change the size of the text to be smaller or larger depending on what direction the user is moving with respect to the anchor device.

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Creative Commons License
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