Users often take screenshots from shopping websites/apps for later consideration for purchase. However, accessing the product page at a later time requires the user to manually enter the website/product name. This disclosure describes techniques that help users shop for products based on a screenshot of an online page containing information about the product. With user permission, it is determined whether an image on the device is a screenshot. If an image is determined to be a screenshot, a suitably trained machine learning model is employed to determine whether the screenshot contains a purchasable product and OCR is applied to detect whether the screenshot contains text that includes the product price. If a screenshot is identified as containing a purchasable product with a corresponding price, when the user subsequently accesses the screenshot, the shopping action is surfaced using a suitable user interface (UI) mechanism such as a tooltip or button. Interacting with the tooltip or button takes the user directly to the website or app where the product can be purchased.

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Creative Commons License
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