This disclosure describes a coolant dosing tool for the addition (replenishment) of coolant and/or other liquids to sealed liquid cooling loops used in modern computing devices, e.g., to cool processors and associated circuitry. Sealed cooling loops are modified with a suitable port to receive additional coolant via the coolant dosing tool. Replenishment of coolant can be performed in-situ throughout the lifecycle of the sealed liquid cooling loop, without removal of the loop and/or the associated processor tray from service. The coolant dosing tool includes a refillable reservoir attached to a quick disconnect from the corresponding quick disconnect port provided on the sealed cooling loop. The quick disconnects enable a drip-less connection to be made while the processor tray is in operation. The coolant dosing tool can be utilized for addition of other liquids such as anti-corrosion agents, biocides, etc.

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Creative Commons License
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