A Session Management Function (SMF) is a Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) 5G core network function that is operationally equivalent to a control-plane Packet Data Network (PDN) Gateway (PGW-C) of a 3GPP 4G core network. An SMF can handle both 5G and 4G user equipment (UE) sessions. The SMF supports control trigger functionality that can be armed by a Policy Control Function (PCF) and/or Charging Function (CHF). For example, a PCF/CHF can arm one or more control triggers related to user location changes (UserLocationChange), time zone changes (UE TimeZone change), serving node changes, Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) changes, changes of UE presence in one or more reporting area(s), and/or a UE change involving turning off packet switched (PS) data. Typically, for a Home Routed session, a visited SMF (VSMF) can learn of such triggers from the access side and can inform a home SMF (HSMF) of changes involving one or more armed triggers. However, in some instances, VSMF reporting to an HSMF may be unnecessary, yet, there is currently no mechanism through which a VSMF can determine whether or not an HSMF needs information related to changes. Techniques presented herein provide for the ability for an HSMF to inform a VSMF of relevant triggers for which reporting is desired, which can help to eliminate or reduce unnecessary reporting by the VSMF.

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