This disclosure relates to a roof liner for a vehicle that includes a roof mounted airbag module configured to have its position on the roof adapted commensurate with the position and orientation of the vehicle seat and/or occupant that it is intended to protect. The adaptive position roof mounted airbag module can be beneficial in helping to protect occupants of an autonomous (i.e., driverless) vehicle that allows the occupants of the passenger compartment to arrange their seats in positions/orientations that depart from the traditional driver/passenger seating configurations of conventional driver operated vehicles. To account for these non-traditional seating configurations, the position and orientation of the airbag module can be adjusted in response to a sensed condition of the vehicle seat and/or occupant. To facilitate this configuration, the vehicle roof liner disclosed herein is configured to rupture along predefined tear lines, regardless of the position of the airbag module on the roof. This allows for airbag deployment in an effective manner that is both repeatable and reliable.

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Creative Commons License
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