Currently, in most online meeting and collaboration systems, platforms, applications, etc. (which, for convenience, may be referred to herein as a collaboration environment) sharing is typically limited to an application or a whole desktop. The next level of evolution for sharing is for a presenter to be able to intelligently identify contextually-relevant subsections of an application, screen, environment, etc. and share that selection with other attendees. Techniques are presented herein that support an intelligent and context-aware sharing model that take the known feature of selective sharing to that next level. Aspects of the presented techniques support an advanced capability to share a portion of a screen or application, but rather than using a manual model (like existing collaboration environments) the presented techniques intelligently share relevant information based on, for example, context, learned user usage and behaviors, broader application history, etc. Aspects of the presented techniques leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and incorporate an AI Sharing Engine.

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Creative Commons License
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