Some computing devices include sensors that, with user permission, can measure the user’s physiological information, such as eye movements, heartbeat, gait, voice characteristics, gestures, etc. It is important for users of such devices to control whether and how such information is shared with others. This disclosure describes user interface (UI) mechanisms that enable users to control sharing of their physiological information as measured by their device. Users can specify desired sharing criteria along a line starting from other users socially closest to them and ending with everyone. Users can indicate whether and how they would like their physiological information shared with these various parties by placing control knobs on the line. For each sensor, each knob is tied to a different form of data disclosure, ranging from the most to the least amount of disclosure. Further, users can specify a global setting that serves as the default. Implementation of the techniques provides users with control over the disclosure of their physiological data to other parties and enhances safety.

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Creative Commons License
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