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When using a mobile device in portrait mode to view an image of wider text content, the text within the image is sometimes too small to be readable without zooming. To view such text, users need to engage in zooming and horizontal scrolling, or changing device orientation to landscape mode which increases the amount of vertical scrolling required to read the content. This disclosure describes techniques to automatically reflow text content within an image such that wide passages of text within the image are displayed in an easily readable form that fits narrower screens of mobile devices used in portrait mode. Lines within the text content of the image that do not fit within the screen width are flagged and divided into two or more parts. Each part is narrow enough to fit on a single line on screen without breaking up any words. Each line is cut into multiple images at recognized word boundaries such that each image represents a single word in the original text. The images are arranged in succession in lines such that each line is within the width of the device screen.

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Creative Commons License
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