During the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, back-to-back online meetings result in an entirely different psychological experience by limiting the quality of an individual’s social interactions. Now, it is almost like the same cardboard cutout of a person on the same background appears under every scenario. Leading web-based collaboration environment meeting vendors have released multiple innovative solutions (such as the setting of a personalized background, the availability of a virtual or immersive meeting place to create a uniform meeting setting, etc.) so that attendees feel that they are on an equal footing (such as in the same room, office, context, etc.). However, such solutions will only work for a participant if their video is turned on. Moreover, a host will only be able to create or change the virtual meeting place (background or theme) and the background will be stationary for the entire session, which may not align with the choices of the attendees who may also like the concept but prefer to see their own background in the immersive view. To address the types of challenges that were described above, techniques are presented herein that address all of the shortcomings of the existing solutions by creating a Virtual Meeting Place for all of the participants irrespective of their video status. Additionally, a meeting place that is created by a host may be customized by the participants for their own viewing purposes. Further, a meeting place background may be extremely dynamic in nature according to the context of the meeting (provided that the host configures it accordingly).

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Creative Commons License
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