Outdoor equipment (e.g., cellular telephony towers) is often camouflaged to hide it from human view which can make it difficult for field technicians to locate such equipment. This disclosure describes techniques that make such camouflaged objects easily detectable by machines equipped with appropriate sensors while remaining hidden from the human view. For example, a cellular telephony tower can be painted with material that includes a laser scintillation material. Such material can be easily detected by a LIDAR scan. Other techniques can include: use of two shades of paint that are clearly distinguishable by machine photoreceptors but appear as the same color to a human; painting with near-color match fiducial markings to enable easy detection by cameras; use of infrared reflective (IR) materials for easy passive identification; carpet patterns that include modifications that encode information; etc. Camouflage can be used on any type of object and a corresponding suitable technique to make it machine detectable can be employed.

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