In a converged Internet Protocol (IP) plus optical multilayer network that provides an optical restoration capability, techniques are presented herein that enable differentiated forwarding for different classes of traffic (such as, for example, high-priority traffic, low-priority traffic, and best-effort traffic) through restoration awareness at Layer 3 (L3). Aspects of the presented techniques work without the need for any inter-layer protocols, such as the Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) User Network Interface (UNI) (GMPLS-UNI). This is important because a converged network, such as a routed optical networking (RON) environment, does not dictate protocols. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass restoration-enabled differentiated forwarding (RDF) at L3. Further, aspects of the presented techniques encompass enhanced interfaces on a routed optical gateway (ROG) – transitioning from the current binary states (of Up and Down) to four states (comprising {Up, Restoration Capable}, {Down, Restoring}, {Up, Restored}, and Down) – along with an associated interface state machine.

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Creative Commons License
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