A system including two or more computing devices (e.g., a smartphone, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a portable gaming device, etc.) and an audio output device (e.g., speakers, headphones, earphones, earbuds, etc.) may implement an audio switching module enabling the audio output device to intelligently switch audio routing based on prioritized activities. For instance, the audio output device may initially reproduce a soundfield based on an audio signal output during a first activity occurring at a first computing device (e.g., video playback via execution of a video playback application). A second activity may concurrently occur at a second computing device (e.g., receipt of a phone call via background execution of a phone call application). Responsive to the audio switching module determining that the second activity is of a higher priority than the first activity, the audio output device may automatically switch (e.g., without any user input) the audio routing such that the audio signal from the second computing device (instead of the audio signal from the first computing device) is routed to the audio output device for output.

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