We are witnessing a fourth industrial revolution and the Internet of Things (IoT) is a key part of that revolution. In an IoT world, the availability of data drastically changes the way in which information is interpreted. A loss of data from critical IoT devices can have a catastrophic impact. Accordingly, an intelligent distributed caching capability in an IoT infrastructure is imperative for successful IoT business deployments. To address such a need, techniques are presented herein that support an intelligent distributed caching mechanism. Aspects of the presented techniques provide for efficiently calculating the caching capability of connected devices to dynamically store data. Further aspects of the presented techniques support an intelligent workflow for storing critical data to ensure minimum data loss during a network outage. Employing aspects of the presented techniques addresses key pain points within an IoT world, provides a huge benefit with no or minimal loss of critical data while achieving maximum resource utilization with an existing infrastructure, and satisfies a key need in critical data sensitive IoT environments such as industrial IoT and medical IoT.

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Creative Commons License
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