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 Each of BIOS setup change is stored in UEFI NV storage via UEFI variable type.

Once UEFI NV storage is corrupted, each OEM design its solution to recovery UEFI

NV storage from a backup storage.

 In general, if UEFI NV storage is healthy, but encountering code logic or UEFI boot

resource conflict problem due to BIOS setup changes, this type of problem should

be discovered and fixed during developing cycle.

 However, once there’s a complicated combination setup option changes at the same

time, it is hard to figure out during development phase.

 Before GPU ready, it is hard to understand what’s happening if system stop booting

without display.

 The first part of this invention is to display message on screen instead of black

screen to help user to realize what’s in progress when system stop booting that is

caused by BIOS setup changes.

 The second part is to allow user to press “Y” key to restore factory/custom BIOS

default from private BIOS Rom to shared BIOS Rom to ensure a normal boot in next


 Through TCON capability on eDP panel, we could provide an interactive visual

operation to allow user to restore a healthy UEFI variables in UEFI NV storage


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Creative Commons License
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