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 Based on existing design, the custom Logo image does not coexist with product

brand logo image at the same time during BIOS post.

 The position of product brand logo or custom logo is fixed on display screen, the

position cannot be customized.

 The goal is to provide a mechanism to support multiple custom logo images that

show on different position of present display screen. The supported logo image

amount can be defined in BIOS setup, it could be 9 or 16 images.

 Refer to supported logo image amount, the present display screen will be divided

into 9 or 16 blocks. Each of block has unique number, the position of upper left

corner and the resolution (width/height).

 Multiple custom logo images can be shown on different block at the same time. This

can be defined in BIOS setup.

 User’s signature can be defined in BIOS setup and show on the predefined position

of display screen.

 Not just product brand logo, custom logo image can be also set into ACPI BGRT

table for seamless boot display used.

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Creative Commons License
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