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Safety sensors are used to continuously monitor the Intermediate Transfer Member (ITM) drum for

possible presence of media (substrate). When sensors are triggered, printing stops immediately, and the

user must inspect the drum and potentially remove the media prior to continuing print. This

functionality is called “PSTB [Paper Stuck to Blanket] Detection”.

High opacity white ink printing on a cut‐sheet press requires a “One‐Shot” printing process ‐ i.e., all the

colorants are gathered on the ITM drum prior transfer to the substrate. The safety sensors often

mis‐identify the high opacity white ink on the drum as printable media and trigger an immediate stop of

print. Press operation is not allowed until the print Blanket (which is mounted on the ITM drum) is


This invention allows smart muting of the safety sensors in such a way that seamless printing is

allowed while safety measurements are still present.

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