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MJF Printers build a 3D job on a Build Unit storing build metadata information and a low-resolution

image to be able to show the build information when the Build Unit is moved to next device, for

example a Processing Station. However, when inserting the Build Unit into the next device the

information might take some time to be read and be ready to operate.

Additionally, build might be transferred to a Cooling Unit with less storage capabilities, causing to

store very limited information, which might not be enough for some operations.

The job new job orchestration would require having a centralize repository to distribute the job

information when needed by the devices.

This document describes a multi-level information approach to have as early as possible some

minimum information to show about the build, and an aggregation mechanism to incrementally add

the required information, like low resolution image, detailed content, and instruction on how to

proceed from different sources.

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Creative Commons License
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