When watching a video, users may need to move backward or forward through the video to find a specific moment within the video. Such movement is supported by buttons in the user interface (UI) or a scrubber. However, these mechanisms are unsuitable when making a fine-grained selection of a specific moment within a video. This disclosure describes user interface techniques that make it easier for users to engage in fine-grained video scrubbing to find and move to an exact moment within video content. A fine scrubbing mode is provided that a user can enable by pulling up on the scrubber and releasing it when it snaps. In this mode, video playback is paused, the scrubber bar is raised to a higher size and resolution, and a film strip of thumbnails of frames corresponding to the current position of the video is displayed. The user can engage in fine scrubbing by actions such as tapping a specific thumbnail, sliding left or right on the thumbnail strip or the scrubber bar, or dragging the scrubber. Tapping on a thumbnail within the strip results in scrolling that thumbnail to the center of the strip. Tapping, sliding, or scrubbing via the thumbnail strip correspondingly updates the video frame in the player in sync with the position of the scrubber within the thumbnail strip.

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Creative Commons License
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