Resilient mesh products (based on, for example, the Wireless Smart Utility Network (Wi-SUN) communication standard) have been available for many years and are widely used within Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Distributed Automation (DA) settings. A DA Gateway (which, for convenience, may be referred to herein as a ‘DAGW’) follows the AMI elements’ rules in a Wi-SUN network, but that is not highly efficient while forwarding a significant amount of the third-party traffic. The root cause of such inefficiency is that the child AMI elements are not aware of a change in the available resources in a DAGW. To address these types of challenges, techniques are presented herein that support a DAGW periodically broadcasting its available resources in Destination Oriented Directed Acyclic Graph (DODAG) Information Object (DIO) messages. Aspects of the presented techniques support a DAGW adjusting the number of its attached child AMI elements, thus stabilizing the whole network.

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Creative Commons License
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