This disclosure describes techniques to provide markings such as barcodes on waveguides that can enable serialization and improve traceability. Modifications are induced in the form of barcode patterns on the waveguide using ultrafast laser processing. The markings are provided at a location that lies outside a clear aperture area of the waveguide so as to not affect its optical properties and performance. The barcode markings can be provided by utilizing ultrafast laser processing to induce modifications either within the waveguide substrate(s) or to the coatings on the waveguide substrate. The modifications can be induced by a specially designed laser system with parameters optimized for marking or by an ultrafast laser system that is also utilized for marking the waveguide wafer prior to waveguide wafer dicing. Techniques of this disclosure can provide permanent waveguide traceability while maintaining waveguide strength and purity.

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Creative Commons License
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