The methods and system disclosed in present disclosure is to perform authentication of a user device before provisioning card details in a digital wallet. In present disclosure, user taps user device on mobile device, upon tapping interaction data is sent to user device. The user device further generates cryptogram using interaction data and credentials of user device. The cryptogram generated is sent to server computer, which verifies whether card details can be provisioned by sending token request to token service computer which further sends authentication request to authentication server system. The authentication server system authenticates received cryptogram and generates validation result either to be successful or to be a failure. The validation result is sent to token service system which in turn sends token response to server computer. Further, server computer decides whether to provision and store the card details and the token received based on token response. Finally, result of provisioning is updated to the user through the mobile device. Hence, the method and the system of the present disclosure eases the provisioning process for cardholders by removing the need to manually enter card details or take a photo of the card and provides assurance that the genuine card is in the possession of individual initiating the provisioning request.

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Creative Commons License
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