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Even though the Ink Delivery System is designed to do not have ink leakages, during the normal

operation of the printer it may happen that an ink leakage occurs. For instance, due to a connection

that is loosen, a component is broken (e.g., hardware quality part) or a part is not replaced when is

required and exceed its life goal.

Typically, Ink Delivery System includes sensors to detect the ink leakage presence on strategic areas.

For instance, near the Ink Supply Station, which is the prone area to have ink leakage due to multiple

fluidic connections (between tubes, to other component such as pressure sensors, ink pumps, ...), as

well as failure on the Ink Delivery System components, such as the ink pump, pressure sensors, …

However, this implies a cost increase of the printer to detect a failure mode that it is expected to have

a low occurrence, but due to its criticality it must be detected before damaging other components.

In Low‐cost printers, there is a strong request to reduce the total cost of the printer. Thus, searching

for alternatives to current solutions reducing the cost. In leakages are expected to have a low

occurrence, so having a considerable cost increase for a leakage sensor is not desired.

The invention provides a low‐cost solution to detect ink leakages on the Ink Supply Station by

redirecting the ink using a transparent tube to a visible area for the customer.

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