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A SIM is used to authenticate a device with the cellular network. Depending on the end user and

product design form factor SIMs maybe placed in different places.

Typically, a SIM device is designed into a product to provide a balance between convenience

and security. For example, a user may want the convenience to “swapping” out the SIM easily,

but at the same time wants to secure the SIM and prevent it from being removed by others

easily. Many consumer devices such as cell phone, tablets and/or notebooks have very highly

integrated form factor which do not allow for the user to typically open the device and access the

inner components. For SIM installation, these devices typically have the SIM externally available

for the user to install the SIM, however this convenience also imposes a security risk, as the SIM

device is also easily accessible to others wanting to take or even maliciously swap the SIM card.

In a notebook form factor, where a design may want convenience for first time SIM install and

then want the SIM to be secured and locked afterward, we present this solution to cover both

aspects in a single design.

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