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The invention relates to a gas burner and a hob system thereof for lowering the formation of CO and CO2. The proposed gas burner comprises a bowl, a crown, and a cap. The hob system comprises the proposed gas burner and pan supports. The pan supports are arranged around the proposed gas burner on the cooking plane of the hob system. The bowl, the crown, and the cap are assembled, from bottom to top, in a vertically stacked manner to form the proposed gas burner. The crown is made of aluminum and includes castles, which are arranged on its top surface and around its peripheral edge. The castles are shaped to fit with the shape of the cap/flame spreader with flame ports and function as flame interrupters. The material property and the shape of the castles may improve the assembling process and enable the manufacturing process of the expected geometrical structure in low cost. The alignment between the castles, the pan supports, and the flames ports facing the castles and the pan supports, contributes to the improved flame performance of the proposed gas burner.

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