During an online video meeting, receiving poor quality video or audio from other meeting participants can be distracting, frustrating, or disruptive. To address such issues, techniques are presented herein that employ a gamification paradigm through which a user interface is provided that is fun and engaging, which entices a user to look and sound their best by providing visual cues to encourage specific actions that will improve their sound and appearance. Aspects of the presented techniques encompass a first set of checks that evaluate video performance and which comprise the display of a silhouette outline of a person's head and shoulders (to allow a user to correctly position themselves), a detection of background motion (with the overlay of a visual cue on the source of such motion so that a user can remove the item or enable virtual backgrounds), and an assessment of the lighting quality within the video stream (with the display of appropriate visual cues to allow a user to properly adjust lighting sources). Aspects of the presented techniques encompass a second set of checks that evaluate audio performance and which comprise an online video meeting facility listening as a user recites a displayed tongue twister phrase (with, for example, automatic adjustments to volume level) and analyzing the audio for background noise, echo, and feedback.

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Creative Commons License
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