In financial services, consumers are offered a wide array of confusing options. Whether selecting a credit card, a debit/credit account, or other types of accounts, each typically has different benefits, restrictions, complex award programs and a plethora of other options. The best choice may depend on the consumer's own spending patterns and personal preferences or situation. It would be most desirable to have a user interface that clearly surfaces these different available options in an easy to navigate fashion.

Another difficulty for consumers arises in the activation of their financial instrument. It would be ideal to, at the close of the selection process, provide a consumer with the means to immediately activate their selected offer or instrument.

The process of selecting a credit card or set of credit cards that allows a user to maximize savings from rewards is very complex. Credit cards typically have complex rewards programs, and card offers don’t consider potential savings based on historical spending patterns. Another difficulty for users is the wait time, which is usually days between approval and receiving, activating, and using their credit cards. This GUI provides users with contextual credit card offers that can help maximize savings with card rewards based on historical spending patterns. Users will also be able to apply and instantly use the card on GPay once approved.

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Creative Commons License
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