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Latex technology and applications need heating system after the printing system in order to

cure/dry the ink placed on the substrate and to fix it to obtain the desired durability. Moreover,

other printing technologies also need a heating system to instantly dry the ink after the printing

process in order to speed it up and achieve higher productivities.

Heating systems usually consist of a hot air chamber warmed thanks to some heaters and blown on

the substrate where the ink is placed.

To optimize power consumption of the heating systems it is fundamental to close and seal as much

as possible the hot chamber. Additionally, the chamber must be fully closed to avoid hot air and

unpleasant vapors scape from the printer to the outside and reach printer users.

On the other hand, in applications where printing begins close to the leading edge of the substrate,

some moving part or mechanism is necessary to temporary open the chamber and let the leading

edge leave the chamber without any crashes. As soon as the leading edge leave the chamber, curtain

must be closed again to not lose heating efficiency.

The following document describes a novel and very cost‐effective curtain based on solenoids instead

of motors for a semi‐automatic heating system.

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